Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought


Aims and Scope

Conversations on Philanthropy: Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought aim is to promote inquiry and reflection on the importance of liberality—in the dual sense of generosity and of the character befitting free individuals—for the flourishing of local communities, political societies, and humanity in general. As such we seek to open new perspectives on the roles, theories, and practices of philanthropic activities ranging from charitable giving, the actions of eleemosynary organizations, trusts, foundations, voluntary associations, and fraternal societies to volunteerism, mutual aid, social entrepreneurship and other forms of social action with beneficent intention (whether or not also combined with commercial and/or political purposes). To facilitate conversations among traditional academic disciplines, Conversations on Philanthropy  will include papers from a number of fields, including history, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, philanthropic studies, religious studies, belles lettres, law, and the physical sciences, as well as from philanthropic practitioners. Published comments on feature essays are a means of providing a transparent peer-review process to enhance interdisciplinary understanding.

Editorial Correspondence

Conversations on Philanthropy  typically features “Conversations” (a lead article with several comments) or “Symposia” (several essays on a single topic with or without commentary). Miscellaneous items, including essays, poetry, book reviews and commentaries may also be published. Material published in Conversations on Philanthropy  is typically solicited by the Editors. Authors who would like to submit material for consideration should first submit a brief abstract to:

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E-mail: [email protected].

For detailed instructions concerning the submission of manuscripts, please contact the Editor.

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