Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Emily Chamlee-Wright

EMILY CHAMLEE-WRIGHT is Provost and Dean of the College at Washington College. She is the author of The Cultural and Political Economy of Recovery: Social Learning in a Post-Disaster Environment (Routledge 2010), Culture and Enterprise: The Development, Representation, and Morality of Business, with Don Lavoie (Routledge 2000), The Cultural Foundations of Economic Development (Routledge 1997), and co-editor of The Political Economy of Hurricane Katrina and Community Development (Edward Elgar 2010) with Virgil Storr. (REV.  2013)



Conversations Volume Year Contribution Title
Volume III2006ArticleFostering Sustainable Complexity in the Microfinance Industry: Which Way Forward?
Volume I2004CommentsComments by Emily Chamlee-Wright

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