Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Jack Birner

JACK BIRNER is a research professor for University College Maastricht and professor of economics and the philosophy of social science, department of sociology, University of Trento, Italy. He has an international business administration degree from Nijenrode, The Netherlands, a BA in economics and philosophy from Michigan State University, doctorates from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a PhD from the University of Amsterdam. His current research interests include cultural evolution, the functioning of markets, the creation and destruction of value and complementarity in economic and social capital. An important source of inspiration: the history of economic thought. Also in preparation is a book on Hayek’s evolutionary research program.  He is also a part-time wine maker. (REV. 2009)


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Volume VI2009CommentsPutting Philanthropy in Order

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