Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Jacques T. Godbout

JACQUES T. GODBOUT is professor emeritus at the National Institute for Scientific Research (Université du Québec, Canada). During many years he has studied and published books and articles on participation and democracy, from the perspective of the relations between public and non-profit organizations and their clientele. These research projects have led him to be more and more interested in the gift relationship. He has published many books on that subject, including Ce qui circule entre nous (Paris, Seuil 2007) and, in collaboration with Alain Caillé, L’Esprit du don, translated in many languages (In English: The World of the Gift, McGill-Queens’s University Press, 1998, 2000 paperback). He is currently studying various aspects of the gift in modern societies, such as: gift exchange in the family, blood and organ donations, volunteers, philanthropy, gift and market, gift and the state. (REV. 2009)


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Volume VI2009CommentsThe Philanthropic or Gift Order

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