Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Peter J. Boettke

PETER J. BOETTKE is Professor of Economics at George Mason University, where he is also the Director of Graduate Studies and a Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center. Boettke is the editor of the Review of Austrian Economics. He is also the author of numerous articles in the professional journals and has authored several books, including The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism, Why Perestroika Failed, and Calculation and Coordination. (REV. 2004)


Conversations Volume Year Contribution Title
Volume XArticleFrom Big State and Small Society, to Small State and Big Society: Reflections on Richard Cornuelle’s Healing America
Volume I2004ArticleIs an Independent Nonprofit Sector Prone to Failure? Toward an Austrian School Interpretation of Nonprofit and Voluntary Action

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