Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Richard B. Gunderman

RICHARD B. GUNDERMAN majored in biology and philosophy at Wabash College, then received his PhD (from the Committee on Social Thought) and MD as a member of the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Chicago.  He is currently Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy, and in the Honors College at Indiana University, where he is also Vice Chair of Radiology.  The recipient of a record number of Trustees Teaching Awards at Indiana University and numerous prizes for scholarship and writing, he is the author of eight books and over 275 scholarly articles. Dr. Gunderman is a contributing editor to Conversations on Philanthropy. (REV. 2010)


Conversations Volume Year Contribution Title
Volume VII2010ArticlePhilanthropy’s Mythic Dimension
Volume VI2009Book ReviewPhilanthropy Reconsidered
Volume V2008ArticleAuthentic Flourishing
Volume IV2007ArticleImagining Philanthropy
Volume II2005ArticleConversation 3: Giving and Human Excellence;The Paradigm of Liberal Philanthropy

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