Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Richard C. Cornuelle

RICHARD C. CORNUELLE was a leading figure in the post-World War II libertarian movement who became one of our country’s most insightful analysts of philanthropy and civil society. In the early 1960’s, Dick’s intellectual and professional interests came to turn around a focal question: How can we restore and sustain the confidence and vitality of the American people and help them reclaim their energetic and independent traditions of mutual aid, charity, and voluntary association?

He was the author of several books and articles including: De-managing America, Healing America, and Reclaiming America. He initiated new projects to engage scholars and intellectuals in advancing our understanding the nature and operation of free institutions (the study of spontaneous orders) and in renewing our traditions of free association and independent philanthropy. (REV. 2014)

Selected Bibliography


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Articles & Speeches (selected)

1950                            “Up, the Welfare State!” American Affair (October 1950).

1986                            “YMCA: Who Needs It?” Discovery YMCA (Fall 1986).

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                                    A longer version published as, “The Power and Poverty of Libertarian Thought.” Critical Review 6(1).

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2000                            “Toward a New Philanthropy,” unpublished manuscript commissioned by the Earhart Foundation (3 parts).


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Volume XBook ReviewBook Review Retrospective: Healing America
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Volume XBook ReviewBook Review Retrospective: De-managing America: The Final Revolution

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