Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

William J. Jackson

WILLIAM J. JACKSON is Professor Emeritus at IUPUI, where he taught courses in Comparative Religion in the Department of Religious Studies for 25 years. He served as the first Lake Scholar at the Lake Family Institute on Faith and Giving, Philanthropic Studies Center, IUPUI, and published TheWisdom of Generosity: A Reader in American Philanthropy (2008). He has published several books about South Indian religious culture, and a book entitled Heaven's Fractal Net: Retrieving Lost Visions in the Humanities (2008), about fractal-like geometrical patterns found in the world's cultures. He is currently working on a book exploring the "cultural DNA of America," the deep stories, symbols, emblems, values and aspirations which have been formative and influential in American life. (REV. 2010)


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Volume VII2010ArticleSeven Myths of Philanthropy: Seven Opportunities in Understanding

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