Conversations On Philanthropy
Emerging Questions on Liberality and Social Thought

Robert F. Garnett, Jr.

ROBERT F. GARNETT, JR. is Professor of Economics at Texas Christian University. He serves on the editorial boards of Studies in Emergent Order and the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education and as a contributing editor to Conversations on Philanthropy. His current work examines the goals and methods of liberal learning in undergraduate economics education, the virtues of pluralism in economic inquiry, and the relationship between commercial and philanthropic forms of economic cooperation. (REV. 2011)


Conversations Volume Year Contribution Title
Volume XArticleMidwestern Liberal: A Smithian “Reclaiming of the American Dream”
Volume VIII2011ArticleCultivating Conversations
Volume VII2010ArticleCommercial Society after Modernism
Volume V2008ArticlePositive Psychology and Philanthropy: Reclaiming the Virtues of Classical Liberalism
Volume IV2007ArticlePhilanthropy, Economy, and Human Betterment: A Conversation with Kenneth Boulding

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